2021 Winter Wonderland?

2021 Winter Wonderland?


So, all those folks that made fun of that Groundhog, Who’s laughing now?  Seems that old woodchuck knew more than we gave him credit for.  At a time when most of us are only thinking about getting out and riding, Mother-Nature will not co-operate with us.  We folks here in the south are not equipped to deal with Winter weather.  We don’t have enough body insulation for it. 

But as much of a pain as it was, and believe me it was a pain, it was also some of the most beautiful sights to behold.  There is nothing like opening up your front door in the morning and seeing a lawn of fresh white snow.  I am sure a lot you enjoyed it by sledding with your kids or grandkids or making snow ice cream.  Me, I didn’t even put on a pair of regular shoes for the whole week.  Shower and put on clean pajamas, that and cooking and eating was my goal each day. 


But now it’s back to reality.  Work and work and work just trying to get caught up on all of the time missed.  I hope all of you enjoyed your little vacation and are ready to resume life.  Spring will be here very soon and riding will commence.  It seems like we have had to cancel a lot of our events, so be prepared, we will make up for it this spring.  Get your boots out and shine up those bikes time is almost at hand.  CANNOT WAIT!


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